Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo was opened in May of 1999. The zoo is open to 89 species from around the world. The zoo has had a lot of success in breeding some of the worlds rare and endangered species, inclluding Pallas' Cats, Sichuan Takin, and Chinese Red Pandas. In the last couple of years they have expanded the zoo and added some new exhibits.  The White Naped Crane and Pallas' Cat exhibits opened in 2012. The North American River Otter exhibit opened in 2013, and the newest exhibits are the Children's Zoo Farm and Nature's Playland which opened in 2016. The Children's Zoo Farm is a great place for kids to learn about some of their amazing animals. They will learn about how plants grow and healthy eating habits, see two beautiful barns to house heritage and endangered animals, and much more to see. The Red River Zoo is also one of the best places to see many endangered species such as the Chinese Red Panda, Sichuan Takin, White Naped Crane, Pallas' Cat, North American Porcupine, and the North American River Otter.